Outreach 科普工作

Students Day at ETH Zurich

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Experimental Demonstrations during Student Day at ETH Zurich

Physics with a BangBang

Physics with a Bang! is an annual holiday lecture open to anyone interested in the latest discoveries at the University of Chicago. Visitors can tour labs in the department, play with hands-on activities. They also watch exciting physics demos, like this video of what happens when boiling water is poured onto liquid nitrogen. For four years, I have assisted with lab tours and high-speed imaging of physics demos.

Art | Science Collaboration Grant

Breaking ice—–In recent decades, scientific research on our planet’s environmental condition, its climate, and the extent to which changes in these may be due to human interference, has become increasingly topical and prevalent. Such research is given extensive media coverage, with documentary films and books highlighting its often alarming findings. And yet, accountability for climate change is mostly shunned, or at least conveniently ignored, and far too little remedial action is taken on both the governmental and personal levels: indeed, it seems that many still choose to be blind to the imminent outcomes of climate change. As shocking and disturbing as it may be, mere scientific data and calculated predictions do not seem to have the necessary impact on people’s consciousness nor actions.image2image3In this project, both scientific experimentation and creative works are conducted as a full collaboration between the scientists and artists involved. We intend to create a unique interaction and dialog between science and art, which we hope can ultimately increase awareness for a dangerous environmental process that has a significant effect on humanity as a whole.

Participants: Qin Xu (Scientist), Ivo R.Peters (Scientist), Iddo Aharony (Composer), Sophie Webber (Musician) and Jessica Segall (Video Artist).

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Sunset Series—-I also collaborated with the Cinematographer, Mike Gibisser, to shoot a series of videos by Phantom V12 camera to capture the instantaneous change of light in different environments. Some of the demo videos can be found on vimeo.